Conveyor Rollers

NuTech Conveyor Components Inc. can supply any type of roller to enhance or simply repair your existing conveyor.  NuTech also has access to a number of world wide companies to find that unique roller that you are looking for to maximize your production, which could help save you on your bottom line with the conveyors you have in place.

NuTech can supply standard, or build custom rollers which can be delivered quickly saving you time and money.  Typically rollers can be purchased directly from the conveyor manufacturer however, most OEM’s charge a high price on replacement parts.  Our experience shows us that we can generally save our customer 46% compared to purchasing these parts from the OEM.

Rubber Covered Rollers

Covered rollers are used in almost every industry, from Paper, Printing, Conveying to Metal Rolling.  NuTech can coat supplied rollers, grind and recover, and even design and supply a new roller with a coating on it.

Gravity Rollers

Gravity Rollers are excellent for handling odd shaped boxes, bags and low grade cartons that could get hung upon skatewheel conveyors.  These rollers are available in many styles and configurations, many off the self.

Motorized Drive Rollers

Motorized rollers and drums are typically used for automating  materials handling systems.  These motorized rollers can allow for “zones” along conveying lines to automate your sorting, and production requirements.

Idler Rollers

Free spinning rollers are often found underneath conveyors to support the belt.  These rollers have bearings inserted into the ends allowing the roller to turn freely.

Custom Conveyor Rollers

NuTech can custom make rollers or pulleys to suit virtually any application.  Rollers here have flanges on the edges to help prevent the belt from wandering.

Roller Lagging

Lagging rollers with belting is a common application which helps to drive or pull the belt.  This is a process which we can do in house for our customers or supply them with the materials so they can do it themselves.

Plastic Roller

PVC rollers are designed for light to medium duty applications and are an economical way to provide resistance to corrosive environments and materials. When made with stainless steel axles and bearings they are a good solution for use in wet or wash down situations. Sealed bearings may be used for added protection.

Tapered Roller

Tapered polymer tube sleeves are lightweight, hence good running and starting properties and they provide excellent sound reduction and impact-resistance. With tapered conveyor rollers, the conveyor speed increases according to the radius of the curve so that the materials to be transported maintain their alignment between the side profiles.

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