Conveyor Belt Installation

NuTech Conveyor Components Inc. is available for all of your field conveyor belt installations. Our conveyor belt installation crews are in addition to our in house shop professionals which are experts in the fabrication of a wide variety of lightweight belting. If your maintenance staff is falling behind NuTech can help alleviate the strain and assist you and your team service and perform any installations required to get you back on schedule in a quick and professional manner.

Our installation Crews are a totally self-contained fabrication units able to perform the most demanding jobs with little or no need for your plant’s valuable resources. Our mobile crews have everything needed for all types of belt installation and tracking, including power generators if required, belt pullers, vulcanizers and a wide variety of other specialized tools to get the job done fast and right the first time. Regardless of your conveyor’s size or length, our installation crews are able to remove your existing belt from the conveyor and then string, vulcanize (or lace) the new belt into place. We are not done yet as we will also track a new belt at your location. Our installers will not leave until your conveyor is running they way you like it. We will even dispose of your old belt for you.

Before we begin the installation of the new belt we’ll conduct a preliminary check of the condition of the existing idlers and pulleys. We will provide you any information on the condition and can if requested replace these components for you. Often times we are able to make recommendations on achieving longer belt life by observing the conditions under which the conveyor operates. Sometimes we would recommend something as easy as lagging your drive pulley which could reduce common slippage which can cause premature belt failure. If we notice that there is waste buildup on your pulley which is damaging your belt or your components we would recommend and install a belt-cleaner that quietly alleviates the problem.

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