Rubber / Urethane Covered Rollers and Belts

Rubber / Urethane Covered Rollers and Belts



Covered Rollers

NuTech Conveyor Components Inc., offers specialized roller and belt coverings in both rubber and urethane.
Covers are available in all types of rubbers and urethane with durometers from very soft to hard as glass.

We have special rubber compounds available for heat resistance, abrasion resistance and high-release properties.

Although NuTech can easily cover a brand new roller, our most cost saving service is to recover your existing ones.  Bring us in our existing worn out roller and we will analyze the material compound and hardness and recover it to those sames specifications.  They service saves our customers money by not having to purchase complete new rollers, just because the rubber cover is worn.

Rubber Covered Belts

Rubber covering of conveyor and timing belts are commonly used in applications such as packaging, printing, extrusion lines and much more… Like our roller services our belts can be covered with many different rubber compounds including urethane.

Our specialty coverings can be applied to flat conveyor belts, Rubber timing belts and Urethane timing belts.  Our covering process includes vulcanizing and molding, these process eliminate seams in the cover which increases the life of your belt.

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