Maintenance Programs

Maintenance Programs

You have a staff of maintenance workers so why do you need outside maintenance programs? If you could hire someone full time to increase up time and eliminate down time of your equipment what would that cost you? (Another wage, benefits, sick days, holidays, etc.) We will act as your part time maintenance staff member with out all the extras.

NuTech will send our experts in, look over all of the equipment that requires on going maintenance and provide you a full report of the problems that should be addressed. Much like a Monthly fire extinguisher inspection, we will do the same, check and report the condition of you conveyors, on a schedule that works for you.

You could give us the ok on the spot to do the repairs or we could send you the list and you could schedule your staff to do it. This way you have piece of mind knowing what needs to be addressed BEFORE any break down occurs. When you look at the big picture you might even be able to cut one staff which could save you upwards of $35,000.00 a year. Our 24/7 emergency service team is ready to help you run a more efficient plant.

Who would it benefit: It only makes sense that you already have maintenance people working on your conveyors, and other material handling equipment. So we all know that all mechanical equipment needs to be maintained.

NuTech Conveyor Components can take your Maintenance to the next level by providing maintenance expertise that will help you:

• Ensure a the life of your equipment is extended

• Minimize and prevent downtime from unexpected equipment failure

• Make your production equipment more reliable

• Get a more informative status report of your equipment

• Allow your staff to work on other tasks while getting more specialized, upgraded maintenance on your material handling equipment

• Prevent service calls by identifying problems before they can occur

• Monitor improvements in your operations better

• Simplify routine maintenance by putting the burden of this specialized duty on NuTech Conveyor Components technicians

• Obtain the complete NuTech Maintenance Approach, which includes the NuTech maintenance audit. The audit is an assessment of all your maintenance needs and what it takes to ensure you meet them. We help plan and schedule everything necessary including equipment lists, quantity of equipment, equipment locations, maintenance history logs, and time slots for maintenance.

• After the audit, we offer these deliverables:

On-site log, including equipment layout & maintenance history

Spare parts lists

Immediate repair needs assessment

Schedule of maintenance activities

Now is the time to act so that your company gains the best possible return on its equipment investments.

Material handling systems are generally rugged and durable, but the stress of everyday operations can wear down any piece of equipment or conveyor.

A short-term maintenance program is not the answer. A long-term, systematic, standardized maintenance process such as the NuTech Conveyor approach yields results for companies seeking to improve performance and reliability.

Define a set of goals for your operation.

How much downtime is too much? How many service calls are too many? How many hours of downtime are acceptable? Are there areas or equipment that always need attention?

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