In todays fast paced environment companies are always looking for ways to cut cost yet increase production

NuTech Conveyor Components Inc. realizes the importance of proper maintenance as it has a direct impact on man power and equipment maintenance budgets.

One of the easiest ways to cut cost in this area is to ensure all of your equipment is always running it tip top shape. In most cases man power has already been streamlined and all of your staff is working longer hours and harder then ever before.
NuTech has a goal in mind, “to assist you and your team with services that help achieve the two fundamentals with out adding more staff and ensuring that your equipment is running efficiently

Yes we help you with all of your conveyor components needs, but did you know we have Services that help make your job easier? Don’t have time to perform routine maintenance checks? Have a roller that needs to be replaced?  Do you need to replace a belt or a bearing? Is there a few conveyors that just don’t seem to be running right or the belt doesn’t want to track properly? Our skilled technicians can come to your plant and service your equipment for you.

This is just one of the many services we provide. This alone can allow your staff to work on their scheduled projects without being interrupted with break downs elsewhere in the plant allowing you to stay on schedule and be more productive. NuTech has a 24/7 service team ready for you. Our belting technicians are also on call 24/7 ready to install a belt for you with only a call away.
The following is a list of other services that may assist you in your endeavors to run a smooth operation with out hiring more staff.

• Routine service and preventive maintenance plans tailored to suit your needs.
• Corrective maintenance and emergency repairs
• Belting performance Analysis for keeping your system on the right track.
• Retrofits and system upgrades
• Engineering
• Free estimating
• Assist in the preparation of Budgets
• Project Management
• Set – up and start up
• Programmable Logic Controls (PLC)
• Operator and Maintenance training
• On-site Field wiring
Maintenance Programs, The reduction in breakdowns will be achieved with one of our maintenance programs. With regular belt/roller survey carried out by fully qualified service personnel who will watch over your equipment to find problems before any damage arises. Written reports are then sent to you, keeping you in touch with your entire conveyor belt, bearings and roller conditions.
• 24 hour On-Site Vulcanizing, When NuTech Conveyor Components Inc. arrive on site our fully experienced service team will vulcanize your belt and will give you total peace of mind and come equipped to take care of most any situation which may arise and solve it quickly and efficiently. Our trucks are fully equipped to the highest standards and are usually able to perform additional tasks which may arise during our visit to your site.  Our technicians stay until your belt is running the way you want it.
• Custom design of Conveyors and Belting; from your ideas to our results.

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