Belt Driven Roller Conveyor – Zero Pressure

Belt Driven Roller Conveyor – Zero Pressure

Zero pressure belt driven roller conveyors provide contact-free accumulation of your skids or boxes. Standard 60″ zones controlled by self contained logic.


Belt Driven Roller Conveyor – Model# ZPLR26 Zero Pressure

Our Model ZPLR26 Zero Pressure belt driven roller conveyor provide contact free accumulation of pallets and boxed products. This model features a heavy duty 2.625″ dia. roller with a 7 ga. tube.

Carrier Roller: 2.625” dia., 7 ga. wall tubes with 11/16 hex cold rolled steel axle spring retained. Standard A51 bearings are greased packed.

Roll Centers: 3.00”, 4.00”, and 6.00”

Belting: Standard B25 PVC-120 black, friction surface. Belt is shipped laced and installed on conveyors up to 10’ long. On all other conveyors the belt is shipped loose with lacing installed for field installation.

Between Frames: Standard widths are 39”, 43”, 51”, 57”, 61”, 65”, 73”, 78”, and 84”. Also available from 39” to 84” in 1” increments.

Belt Widths: 12” wide on 39 through 48” B.F., 18” wide on 49” through 84” B.F. conveyors.

Length: 10’ to 80’ in 1” increments.

Standard Zones: 60” long. Also available from 36” to 84” in 6” increments. Each zone is controlled by one sensor with self contained logic.

Drive: Standard D46 – end, right hand side, 8” pulley. Drive has cast iron worm gear speed reducers with standard M03 3/4 H.P. 230/460 volt TEFC motor.

Electric Requirement: 24v control voltage in addition to selected motor voltage.

Speed: Standard 30 feet per minute. Also available from 10 to 120 fpm.

Bearings: Sealed prelubricated, cast iron flange ball bearings.

Frame: 11-3/8” x 1-1/2” x 3/16” formed steel channels.

Drive Pulley: 8” dia. with 1-7/16” dia. shaft crowned and lagged. Mounted in 2 bolt flange bearing.

Take-Up Pulley: 4” dia. with 1 3/16” dia. shaft, crowned mounted in 2 bolt flange bearing.

Snubber Roller: 2.5 dia. 11 ga. wall tubes with 11/16 hex cold rolled steel axle, spring retained. Standard A55 bearings are grease packed with front and back seals.

Tension Roller: 1.9 dia. 16 ga. wall tubes with 7/16” hex cold rolled steel axles, spring retained. Standard A11 bearings are grease packed. The same for the return rollers.

Capacity: 1000 pounds per lineal foot. Maximum 4000 pounds unit load per zone. Total load not to exceed capacity shown in chart.

Air Requirements: 80 PSI

Supports: SPHH style located on nominal 5’ centers available for top of carrier rollers above 12” to 42” at no additional charge. No support required for minimum elevation 12” top of bed rollers.

Roll Covers: Standard V98: No Roll Cover

Finish: Standard PP94: Safety Blue, Epoxy Powder Coat.

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