DuraLam® Gold Fabric (25 Series)

DuraLam® Gold Fabric (25 Series)

DuraLam® Gold Fabric (25 Series) are non-stick, offer excellent release and are resistant to oils, grease and chemicals.


DuraLam® Gold Fabric (25 Series)

DuraLam® Gold Fabrics are specifically engineered to maximize application life while minimizing down time in the most demanding environments. These fabrics are manufactured from PTFE coatedwoven fiberglass substrates, utilizing AFC’s proprietary coating formulations and/or laminating process. DuraLam® Gold Fabrics are non-stick, offer excellent release and are resistant to oils, grease and chemicals. DuraLam® Gold Fabrics are available in either an extremely smooth surface for maximum release or a texturized finish for a mechanical release. The texturized surface provides a mechanical bond or seal, which is desired in many heat-sealing applications. DuraLam® Gold Fabrics are more abrasion resistant and maintain their low coefficient of friction even after prolonged service. DuraLam® Gold Fabrics are excellent for use in the most challenging applications, such as PVC window welding, food processing, baking sheets, oven liners, clam shell grill sheets, toaster sheets, IV Bag sealing, Mylar Balloon sealing, rubber extruding, flexible packaging as well as many other applications. DuraLam® Gold Fabrics have been designed to out perform and out last all competitive products.

DuraLam® Gold Fabric Characteristics

DuraLam® Gold Fabrics are engineered to retain the distinctive properties of PTFE; however, by adding a glass fabric to the matrix, AFC is able to obtain the added benefits of dimensional stability, excellent tensile strength and extremely low elongation (<1%). DuraLam® Gold Fabrics have received USDA approval for food processing and handling, and are FDA compliant. In addition, the DuraLam® Gold Fabrics can operate in temperatures from -100°F to +500°F.

Typical Applications


Poly bag manufacturing
Impulse/L-Bar sealing
Form fill and seal
Over wrapping (Tray packing)
Side and End sealing
Blister tray covers
Vacuum pack machines

Food Products:
Non-stick baking, cooking
and drying
Food dehydration
Smoking of meat and fish
Flash-freezing meat, poultry
and fish
Oven and microwave liners for
home and industrial kitchens

Printing and Textiles:
Heat transfer presses
Fabric lamination
Garment fusing

Polymer Processing:
Vulcanizing presses
Rubber curing presses
Manufacture of filter media

Building Products:
Manufacture of specialty wood-
based products
Vinyl window manufacturing

Chemical Processing:
Tank seals and contaminant barriers
Gaskets, membranes, seals &
Corrosion resistant chute, drum,
and hopper liners
Protective curtains and aprons

Other Applications:
Insulation and protection
Release sheets/separation materials
Printed circuit board manufacturing
Wire and cable insulation and
Manufacture of metalized balloons

Additional applications exist. Contact AFC for more specific information.

Styles Available




(lbs/sq yd)

Tensile Warp*
(lbs/sq in)

Tensile Fill
(lbs/sq in

Warp (grams)

Fill (grams)

Full Width

25-03 Gold 0.003” 0.27” 56 32 380 250 40
25-05 Gold 0.005” 0.49” 100 112 800 700 50
25-06 Gold 0.006” 0.54” 100 112 800 700 50
25-08 Gold 0.008” 0.60” 200 160 1400 110 50
25-10 Gold 0.010” 0.09” 200 160 1400 1100 40,52

Please note: Additional thickness and styles available upon special order and lead times may vary for different styles and widths.

*Disclaimer: All figures provided in the above table are based upon ASTM D 4969-97, the Standard Specification for Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) Coated Glass Fabric. The above tensile values are based upon the ASTM D828 test method and are not actual values of AFC’s materials. The above tensile values are 80% of the figures provided in Table 6 of specification D579. AFC states that its actual tensile will be greater than the above material specification and that actual tensile values will be provided upon request. Edge Tear values are based upon ASTM D1424 (Elmendorf Tearing Test) and are average values that can vary.

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