Eagle Blue 80 EC Non-Reinforced Round

Eagle Blue 80 EC Non-Reinforced Round

Eagle Blue 80 EC Non-Reinforced Round Belting is specifically designed for direct food contact and offers excellent abrasion resistance and high elasticity.


Eagle Blue 80 EC Non-Reinforced Round

Best Suited For: Light duty conveying applications involving direct food contact.

Eagle Blue 80 EC Non-Reinforced Round Belting is Fenner Drives’ latest addition to the already stellar Eagle line. This Eagle premium belt is suitable for repeat use direct food contact at temperatures up to 40ºC (104°F) with all food types having a pH of greater than 4.5.

Independently certified to meet the requirements of European Regulation 10/2011 (and the legislation which it replaces; Commission Directive 2002/72/EC) within the framework defined by the Regulation 1935/2004/EC (27/10/2004) relating to plastic materials and articles intended to come into direct contact with foodstuffs.

When used in a range of “typical” process environments, Eagle EC belting will not allow components to migrate into food in quantities that could endanger human health, change the composition of the food in an unacceptable way or deteriorate the taste and smell of foodstuffs.

  • 80 Shore A durometer polyurethane belting
  • Eagle premium belting for repeated direct food contact
  • Independently tested and verified to meet FDA standards for direct food contact
  • For repeat use food contact at temps up to 40° C with all types having a pH greater than 4.5.
  • Solid polyurethane construction

Produced in accordance with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards with exacting quality control, Eagle EC Belting is of such dimensional consistency sanitary conveyor system performance and reliability is improved.

Eagle Blue EC Non-Reinforced Round Belts are easily welded endless in the field with a Fenner Drives Butt Welding Kit.

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