Eagle Opaque 80 Non-Reinforced Vee

Eagle Opaque 80 Non-Reinforced Vee

Eagle Opaque 80 Non-Reinforced Vee  Belting provides excellent abrasion resistance, high elasticity, and is also self-tensioning.


Eagle Opaque 80 Non-Reinforced Vee

Best Suited For: An all-purpose, highly versatile non-reinforced polyurethane belt for virtually any light to medium duty conveying application, requiring a vee profile.

Eagle Opaque 80 Non-Reinforced Vee Belts offer a simple and practical option for your conveying needs. Made from a highly elastic, 80 Shore A durometer polyurethane. Due to their highly elastic properties, these belts are installed preloaded and require no take-up or tensioning mechanisms.

• Solid polyurethane construction
• 80 Shore A durometer polyurethane belting
• High elasticity; no take-ups required
• REACH and RoHS 2002/95/EC Directive compliant

The proven workhorses! Eagle Opaque 80 Non-Reinforced Vee belts are the proven workhorses for material transfer and light-duty power transmission applications.

Precise parameters and exacting quality standards result in a belt of such dimensional consistency that it maintains constant speed, which improves the performance of your conveyor system and provides smoother power transmission or motion transfer.

Eagle Opaque Non-Reinforced Vee belts are easily welded endless in the field with a Fenner Drives Butt Welding Kit.



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