IPS Tie Bar Covers

IPS Tie Bar Covers

Protect your injection molding tie bars with our IPS Tie Bar Covers…  Quick and easy installation will protect your moldings from grease contamination


IPS Tie Bar Covers

WHY TIE BAR COVERS? Most molders have been using them to protect their moldings from tie bar grease contamination. And it works too.

We have recently found another reason. Tie bar covers also protect the machine from the moldings. That’s right. In-mold labeling is a hazard for tie bar bushings. Let a loose label get between the bushing and the tie bar and see how fast your bushings wear out.

IPS offers covers made of tough, oil resistant polyester material with plastic zippers. They are attached to the movable platen using magnetic restraints and are attached to the tie bar at the stationary platen using a Velcro strap.

Tie bar covers are offered in the following sizes: Tie bar cover length = platen maximum opening and must be specified when ordering. A complete set of tie bar covers contains 4 covers complete with all mounting hardware.

Tie Bar Diameter Model # Length Price per set of 4
3 inch 003A 45 inches    Max $ Call for Pricing
003B 40 inches
003C 35 inches
003S Specify 20-45″ max
4 inch 004A 45 inches    Max $ Call for Pricing
004B 40 inches
004C 35 inches
004S Specify 20-45″ max
5 inch 005A 50 inches    Max $ Call for Pricing
005B 45 inches
005C 40 inches
005S Specify 24-50″ max
6 inch 006A 58 inches    Max $ Call for Pricing
006B 48 inches
006C 40 inches
006S Specify 24-58″ max
7 inch 007A 58 inches    Max $ Call for Pricing
007B 48 inches
007C 40 inches
007S Specify 24-58″ max
8 inch 008A 58 inches $ Call for Pricing
008B 48 inches
008C 40 inches
008S Specify 24-58″ max
9 inch 009A 58 inches $ Call for Pricing
009B 48 inches
009C 40 inches
009S Specify 24-58″ max
10 inch 010A 58 inches $ Call for Pricing
010B 48 inches
010C 40 inches
010S Specify 24-58″ max

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