Tapered Roller Curve Conveyor – Model 25TRC

Tapered Roller Curve Conveyor – Model 25TRC

Our Tapered Roller Curve Conveyors Model 25TRC are used to move product around a curve while maintaining the positioning of the product.


Tapered Roller Curve Conveyor – Model 25TRC

Rollers: 2.500 dia. tapered to 1.687 dia. 14 ga. wall tubes with 7/16 hex cold rolled steel axles, spring retained. Standard A42 bearings are light oil lubricated. 250 lbs. roller capacity.

Frames: Standard FC42 set high 3 1/2″ x 1 1/2″ x 1/8” formed steel channels with 2 x 3/16” galvanized angled crossties.

Couplings: Bolted butt couplers standard both ends of channel.

Width: Standard width is listed in table. Available from 13″ to 51″ between frames.

Frame Capacity: 650 lbs. evenly distributed live load with supports at each end. 90-degree curves require an additional support at center.

Guard Rail: Standard G99. No Guardrail.

Roll Cover: Standard V98: No Roller cover.

Finish: Standard PP94: Safety Blue, Epoxy Power Coat

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