Zero Pressure Accumulation Roller Conveyor – Model CDZA25

Zero Pressure Accumulation Roller Conveyor – Model CDZA25

Zero pressure accumulation roller conveyors are typically used in manufacturing and distribution centers.  Zone lengths available from 48-72″ long


Zero Pressure Accumulation Roller Conveyor – Model CDZA25

NuTech’s Zero Pressure Accumulation Roller Conveyors are chain driven to carry loads like pallets, tires, drums etc.  The standard 60″ zones allow for contact-free accumulation to prevent damage to products.  Our model CDZA25 are made with heavy duty 2.5″ diameter 11 gauge rollers allowing for a 1,000 lbs per foot capacity when supported on 5 ft centers.

Roller Centers: 4.00” with 40A21 sprockets; 4.50” with 60A15 sprockets; 5.00” with 50A19 sprockets; 6.00” with 60A16 sprockets; 7.50” with 60A16 sprockets; 12.00” with 60A16 sprockets.

Effective Widths: 13”, 19”, 25”, 31”, 37”, 43”, 49”, 54”, 57” and 61”. Also available from 6” to 61” in 1” increments.

Lengths: Even increments of the roller centers up to 75’. Length also limited to 75 rollers on each side of the drive.

Standard Zones: 60” Long. Also available from 48” to 72” in increments equal to the roller centers. Each zone is controlled by one sensor with self contained logic.

Drive: Standard D16 – side, bottom, near center with live  axle drive roller. Drive has cast iron worm gear speed reducer with a standard M03 3/4 H.P. 230/460 TEFC motor.

Electrical Requirements: 24v control voltage in addition to selected motor voltage.

Speed: Standard 30 feet per minute. Also available from 10 to 120 feet per minute.

Rollers: Standard 2511; 2.5 dia., 11 ga. wall tubes with 11/16 hex cold rolled steel axle, spring retained. Standard A51 bearing are grease packed.

Frames: Standard F78 6” deep x 3/16” formed steel on chain box side, 4” x 1-1/2” x 3/16” channel roller set high on idler side with bolted 5” x 1-1/2” x 3/16” crosstie.

Chain Covers: 1/8” steel with two piece construction for easy access to chain loops.

Pneumatic Clutch: A Standard Ball bearing pilot, end of shaft mount, multiple drive clutch.

Air Requirement: 80 PSI

Supports: SPHH style adjustable set for standard 36” top of rollers located on nominal 5’ centers. Also available from 11” to 42” top of roller at no additional charge.

Capacity: Up to 1,000 lbs. per lineal foot of conveyor with supports on 5’ centers. Several factors affect conveyor capacity. Consult factory to evaluate specific applications.

Guard Rails: Standard G99: No Guard Rail.

Roll Covers: Standard V98: No Roll Cover.

Finish: Standard PP94: Safety Blue, Epoxy Powder Coat.

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